Centre for Ageing and Rural development (CARD)

Sunday May 29, 2016
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Centre for Ageing and Rural development (CARD) started as a community based organization in 2008 with aim of empowering and promotion of interests of older persons through research, policy analysis and the dissemination of information. CARD was established in 2008 and registered as community based organization.  CARD efforts are geared towards alleviation poverty and improve the livelihood of the older person’s especially older women. Since inception the Centre has distinguished record as an independent nonprofit organization promoting interests of older people in rural areas. Centre for Ageing and rural development (CARD) is  nonprofit entity motivated by humanitarian and development objectives working with older person for livelihood security and rural development in Kenya.

Centre for Ageing and rural development (CARD) is a community based organization, a non-profit, and non-sectarian. CARD is managed by 9 board members with the responsibility for policy formation and guidance of the organization. At program level CARD is administered by management team headed by Executive director, Programme Co-ordinator,2 project Officers, Accountant, and an administrative assistant. Members of the management team are the main programme personnel who develop and implement projects. The Executive Director is an ex-officio member of Management Board.

CARD is committed to bringing in a dynamic change for the older persons in terms of social participation & integration, economic security, macro societal change and development, healthy ageing, enhancing the physical and mental quality of life and ushering in care systems in diverse cultural, socio-economic and environmental situations.

CARD works directly with older persons, orphans, and vulnerable children to empower them to respond to their social conditions and participate in activities that improve their socioeconomic status.
CARD has successfully
•    Advocated for older persons recognition under Kenyan Law –the new constitution and seeks their protection.
•    Lobbied and continuously asks the Government of Kenya, the public and stakeholders to support        Older Persons friendly policies.
•    Campaigned for creation of awareness on the rights and entitlement of Older Persons.
•    Advocated for a National Social Protection Policy and National Policy on Older Persons and Ageing.
•    Worked very closely with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development (MGCSD).

In specific terms, CARD has so far
•    25 older persons’ headed households had their houses renovated/built for new houses.
•    210 older people headed households caring for an average of 4 orphans benefited from capital for small businesses.
•    210 older people headed households received agricultural inputs and technical support.

Strategic directions
•    Strength HIV/AIDS programme among the elderly
•    Strengthen the rural and micro enterprise programme.
•    Establish elder abuse help line 24/7 in response to the increased elder abuse and infringement of rights and entitlements.
•    Establishment of a model medical clinic/dispensary for the older people’s one of its kind in Eastern Africa.
•    Establish an ultra modern elder’s nursing home.

Organization Structure
The Center's organization structure is comprised of:
a)    Management Board
b)    Executive Director
c)    Programme Co-ordinator
d)    Accountant
e)    Project Officers II
f)    Administrative Assistant

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We are currently recruiting volunteers and Interns for a maximum of three months service. Submit your application on line today.

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